intandem is raising the bar for corporate innovation, to meet the pressing needs of scale and commercial impact ​​

A new partnership led by a team that have, during their current and previous roles, worked with some of the most successful companies in the world.

When corporates innovate like start-ups, their chances of success are 1 in 17,000

We’re more ambitious for big businesses.

How Corporates will Win the Race vs. New Entrants

We are entering a new era, in which corporate pioneers are exploiting their increasing agility with big business reach and resources, to deliver impactful innovation in ways that few others can.

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Innovating like Start-ups is Failing Large Companies

Large companies that respond to market disruption only by applying the start up model are throwing really bad odds at an existential challenge.

Are you one of many organisations whose innovation lab has not delivered the commercial success and scale you were hoping for?

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The next Wave of the Tech Revolution will favour Big Businesses

Innovation will move beyond digital services and experiences which had low barriers to entry and could be easily copied. The challenges tackled by emerging tech will be more fundamental, requiring reach, resources and political clout. Big corporates will have the edge.

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The battle between incumbents and start-ups comes down to whether the incumbent gets innovation before the start-up gets distribution.

Our team have supported big businesses grappling with a wide spectrum of innovation challenges. ​ ​

new products & services Turning regulatory change and uncertainty into new services to leapfrog the fintech revolution
new business models Transforming an established business model to make money in a data and digital services-led future
new partnerships Building scaled corporate & start-up partnerships to grow new service lines
ecosystems Building pan-industry data ecosystems to power smart city applications
new channels Harnessing new channels through unconventional partnerships to reach new consumer segments
new propositions Using data to create richer customer experiences and enable new revenue streams
new platform ventures Launching new platform ventures at the speed of a start up but with the foundations for global scale
new services Commercialising IoT-powered services to differentiate in highly competitive markets
growth strategy Shaping a growth strategies in the face of uncertain developments in emerging tech
adjacent expansion Leveraging core IP and emerging tech to commercialise new services into adjacent markets

Our team have supported big businesses grappling with a wide spectrum of innovation challenges. ​​