Make innovation and corporate venturing a more reliable driver of their next £100m business.

  1. It’s time for a corporate comeback

    It’s not inevitable that start-ups will own the future. Big corporates will have the edge in the next wave of innovation.

  2. Innovation should be more reliable and impactful

    Over reliance on start-ups to deliver the innovation agenda means playing their game: only 1 in 17,000 will grow to over £500m.

  3. Execution isn’t the main failing

    We all say ideas are easy and execution is hard. But the right idea should be easier to execute if we don’t ignore the attributes that make the core business successful.

  4. A new type of partnership is needed

    We believe in skin in the game – we share in our clients’ risk and their reward as we jointly bring new products, services and ventures to market.

  5. Assembly over build is the key to scale

    We accelerate scale by creating new businesses around novel combinations of proven building blocks, like start-ups, partnerships and tech platforms.

Join us in shaping a world in which the largest companies innovate to solve the pressing challenges of our time.  

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They bring a refreshingly ambitious vision for big businesses and our place within the world.

We jointly create and launch scalable new businesses to help our clients win in the fight against disruptive start-ups and get ahead of their established competition.

We blend the best of strategy consultancy, digital agency and venture development firm.

The time is right for a new approach that puts big business back at the heart of innovation.

develop new products and services
exploit emerging technologies
Transform business models for a digital world
Shape growth strategy to deliver commercial objectives
Create data-led businesses, platforms & ecosystems
Deliver partnerships with start-ups & big businesses
Deliver adjacent expansion
Find new sources of growth from IP
Harness new go-to-market models & channels
Design new propositions and customer experiences

The time is right for a new approach that puts big business back at the heart of innovation.

intandem is raising the bar for corporate innovation, to meet the pressing needs of scale and commercial impact

A new partnership led by a team that have, during their current and previous roles, worked with some of the most successful companies in the world.